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New Delhi: The tussle between the Indian government and microblogging platform Twitter remains intact. Meanwhile, the central government has reacted strongly to Twitter’s allegations. The IT Ministry says that Twitter’s ‘intimidating’ allegations are false and baseless. Delhi Police has also termed Twitter’s statement as false. Also said that the purpose of this statement is to disrupt the investigation.

Government reprimanded Twitter

The IT Ministry said on Thursday that Twitter is trying to undermine India’s law and order by deliberately not following the order. The ministry further said that Twitter is trying to impose its conditions on the world’s largest democracy. Twitter’s allegations of ‘intimidation’ are false and baseless.

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Delhi Police charges for lying on Twitter

Delhi Police says that Twitter’s statement on the ongoing investigation in the ‘Toolkit’ case is false and it is an attempt to hinder the legal investigation. This strict statement by the Delhi Police comes at a time when Twitter has expressed concern over the ‘use of bullying tactics by the police’, saying that it is concerned about the potential threat to the safety and freedom of expression of its employees in India is.

According to the police statement, Twitter wants to be both the investigating authority and the verdict authority, but neither of them has legal approval. The statement said that only the police has the right to investigate and the courts pronounce the verdict. Delhi Police has said that it has registered a preliminary inquiry in the ‘Toolkit’ case on the basis of the complaint lodged by the Congress representatives.

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What did twitter say

Earlier, Twitter had issued a statement saying that to keep our service available, we will try to follow the applicable law in India. But, just like we do all over the world. For the people to whom we provide service, we are concerned about the possible danger of freedom of expression.
Twitter had said that it is concerned with the police’s bullying tactics.

Twitter said, ‘To keep our service available, we will try to follow the law applicable in India. But, just as we do around the world, we will continue to be guided strictly by the principles of transparency, commitment to empower every voice on service and freedom of expression and privacy under the rule of law.

The company further said, ‘We are concerned about the recent events in relation to our employees in India and the potential threat to freedom of expression for the people to whom we provide services. We, along with many civil society people in India and around the world, are concerned about the use of bullying tactics by the police in response to the imposition of our global terms of service. ‘


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