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Manila: Frightened by the increasing cases of Corona, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has taken a very tough stand. He has announced that if those who do not get the vaccine go out of their homes in violation of the order, then they will be arrested immediately. In his address to the nation, Duterte urged community leaders to ensure that unvaccinated people remain confined to their homes. Let us tell you that the Omicron variant is also spreading rapidly in the Philippines, due to which the cases of infection are increasing.

Lockdown imposed in Manila

According to the report of ‘Independent’, the Philippines government has imposed a lockdown in the capital Manila and neighboring areas on Tuesday. Apart from this, those who have not got the vaccine till now have been ordered to stay at home. Under the new restrictions, physical classes and sports programs have been suspended. Whereas parks, churches and restaurants have been asked to operate with reduced capacity. Only 45 percent of the country’s 11 crore population is fully vaccinated.

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‘This is a national emergency’

President Rodrigo Duterte said that this is a national emergency. I am responsible for protecting every citizen, in such a situation I have decided that we will rein in those who have not taken the vaccine. He further said, ‘People who have not got the vaccine should be searched and they should be requested not to go out. If people refuse to do so and roam outside the house, they should be arrested immediately. The President also said that he was surprised to see the large population of unvaccinated people.

Such warning was given earlier also

In June last year, when the delta variant was rapidly spreading in the Philippines, Duterte threatened to jail those who refused to get the vaccine. So far, more than 28 lakh cases of corona have been reported in the Philippines, while 51,700 people have died. At the same time, 43 cases of Omicron variants have been found in the country. On Thursday, the highest number of cases were reported after September, on this day 17,220 new cases were reported in the country.


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