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Often girls want their future boyfriend or husband to love her very much, take care of her and fulfill her needs. Although many women are independent women, so they want to take care of themselves. But these days a model is in a lot of discussion who is looking for a lover on whom she is completely dependent. Not only this, he has also made many conditions and rules (Model rules for potential boyfriend) for the upcoming boyfriend. Whoever follows these terms and conditions, the woman will make him her boyfriend.

Moriah Mills, 28, living in New York, USA, is an actress and rapper as well as a model on the adult subscription site Onlyfans. He also has a lot of fan following on Instagram. According to the report of Daily Star, recently Morea has shared a video on Tiktok, in which she told about some conditions and rules for boys to become her boyfriend. The video of Moria is becoming quite viral for this reason.

Here are the terms of the model
In the video, Moria said that the person who wants to date her will have to present 12 dozen i.e. 144 roses every week. Not only this, he also clearly said about romance that a person must have a relationship with her once a week. In the video, Morea said- “Boys have to understand that I am perfect. That’s why I will not date any man who is not perfect for me. The boy has to understand that I earn my money by myself, so he should never stop me to spend money, but he must spend his money on me. He will have to pay my parlor expenses once a month. Also, I have to take them to hotels and restaurants. He also said that whoever dates him, he must always keep himself smart, wear clean clothes and keep on applying perfume.

People commented on the terms of the model
Morea further said- “Apart from these conditions, if a boy is able to date with me for 12 months, then after 12 months he will have to bring me an expensive ring, sit on his knees and propose to me. If he doesn’t do this, then I will break up with him after a year on my own.” Many people have given their feedback by commenting on this video of Moria. Some people have accepted his conditions, but many people are accusing him of being materialistic. He says that Moria does not want love but only money. Some people have even said that they never want such relationships, they are happy alone. Let us tell you that millions of people follow Moria on Instagram. She often posts her semi nude and very bold photos.

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