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New Delhi: The World Health Organization has once again succumbed to the pressure of China. Due to which this global organization is being fiercely criticized. Let us tell you how the WHO was surrounded by one of its intelligence in naming the new variant of Corona which is causing havoc in South Africa.

‘Wonderful’ thinking of WHO

Actually on Friday, WHO named the latest variant of Corona as Omicron. For this nomenclature, the global body has deliberately omitted the 13th and 14th letters of the Greek alphabet, ‘New and Jae’ (Xi). Whereas before, he was following the alphabetical order (alpha, beta, gamma, delta etc.) to name the variant of the virus in simple language.

It is noteworthy that the name of Chinese President Xi Jinping is written and the WHO changed the name of this dangerous variant, which mutated due to the exact match with the name of the Chinese President.

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This thinking of WHO is being criticized all over the world. It is being said on a large scale that this was done to protect the name of Chinese President Xi Jinping from being maligned. The name Xi was to be named in the order of the Greek alphabet, which was omitted from the same Xi in the name of Xi.

WHO clean-up

WHO’s clarification has come after global criticism. The organization’s spokesperson clarified, ‘We named it Omicron because if it did not happen, people would consider it a new virus. At the same time, XI was left because it is a very common surname in many countries of the world.

US Senator targeted

According to the news published in the Daily Mail, Texas Senator Ted Cruz wrote in his tweet, ‘If the WHO is so afraid of the Communist Party of China, then how to trust the rest of their claims, including efforts to control this horrific global epidemic. can be done?’

China’s denial

At the same time, critics say that this decision once again makes it clear that there is pressure from China on the WHO. China delayed sending an investigation team to its Wuhan City’s Animal Market from where the spread of corona was suspected to have started and destroyed the evidence related to it. Many leaders around the world and America have alleged that the corona virus originated in Wuhan’s lab. However, China has denied this allegation as well.

At the same time, the WHO also said that its decision was taken to protect Xi from being a ‘common surname’ and to avoid hurting the sentiments of any person or community in any emotional matters connected with it.


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